Ultrafuse PA Natural – 1.75mm – 750g

세계적인 BASF에서 생산하는 전문가용 3D프린터용 필라멘트소재입니다.

Ultrafuse PA is specially developed for 3D printing and it is based on BASF´s polyamide portfolio known as Ultramid®. The filament has unique mechanical properties due to its chemical structure. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications working within a larger temperature range.

Please check the TDS (Technical Data Sheet) of Ultrafuse PA here: TDS of Ultrafuse PA

Please check the Factsheet of Ultrafuse PA  (second page) here: Factsheet of Ultrafuse PA

Please click here for the MSDS of Ultrafuse PA: MSDS of Ultrafuse PA

Tips & tricks

Ultrafuse PA로 최상의 출력을 하려면 아래 설정을 권장합니다.

노즐 온도: 220-250 °C

히팅배드온도: 90-120 °C

노즐 직경: ≥ 0.4 mm

Bed modification: Glas + PVA glue stick/ Kapton tape

인쇄 속도: 30-60 mm/s

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